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Sixty Dome Mosque

The Sixty Dome Mosque, also known as Shait Gumbad Mosque or Saith Gumbad Masjid, is indeed one of the most historic and significant architectural landmarks in Bangladesh. Located in the city of Bagerhat in the southwestern part of Bangladesh, this mosque is renowned for its exceptional architectural design and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its distinctive features, including its numerous domes, intricate terracotta ornamentation, and historical significance, make it a remarkable cultural treasure in the country.

Traditional Fishing

Traditional fishing in Bangladesh holds a pivotal role within the country’s cultural fabric and economic landscape. Bangladesh boasts an extensive network of rivers, lakes, and wetlands, which have served as the lifeblood of its fishing traditions for centuries. Fishing has been a primary means of livelihood for countless Bangladeshis, and over time, traditional fishing methods and practices have not only sustained communities but also become deeply interwoven with the local culture.